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  • Testimonials

  • Testimonials

    "Roberto & Associates is extremely pleased to have been appointed as an Agency for Title Resources Guaranty Company (TRGC). As an underwriter, TRGC has exceeded our expectations for title services. Title searches and updates are provided very quickly and underwriting counsel has been extremely helpful with any issues we may have encountered. They expertly guide our firm with overcoming any challenges we encounter in order to have successful closings with minimal risk. TRGC also assists us with title policy preparation in a quick and accurate manner that allows us to focus on other key aspects of our business. We see TRGC as one of our partners for our future success."

     Tom Melega, Controller and General Manager
    Roberto & Associates Title Agency & Closing Services, Inc. 


    "Brenda and I just wanted to let you know that Tina's team has done a wonderful job in getting our searches back over to us in such a timely manner. Any time that we need a rush we get it right on time, and as a result of the turn around time, our agency has picked up numerous new clients. They can't believe how quickly we can turn a file around from order entry to closing. We owe that to your team and would like to express our thanks and gratitude for playing a big role in growing our client base.

    We look forward to another prosperous year as your agent."

     John F. Pyle, President 
    Equity Closing and Title Corporation 


    “I really appreciate the fast turnaround time and the extra effort.  As always you guys at the Title Desk are AWESOME!!!”

     Jason Hayes 
    Aloma Title 


    "TRGC is a great company to partner with. I am extremely pleased with the quality of their staff and how accessible they are. I have been able to speak with the Vice President, Underwriters and Marketing whenever I have had a need. They have made the effort to get to know me and my business and have demonstrated that they are interested in my success. By far, TRGC has been the absolute best underwriter that I have worked with throughout my career."

     Annette Owens, President
    Performance Title, Inc. 


    “I just love you guys!!! Because TRGC is very, very helpful and the answers to my questions are done in a very timely fashion and you guys are just so very nice :-)”

     Virginia H. Banks 
    American Title Services/Americas Home Title 


         “We have been extremely pleased with our relationship with Title Resources Guaranty Company. Any time we have a rush order we receive it back quickly. Any questions we may have we know that the search department is just a phone call away and is always there to help us.

           We have a great relationship with the underwriters as well, when we need to know what is required if a problem arises they too are just a phone call away.

           It is such a pleasure working with everyone at Title Resources, and we look forward to our continued success with you over many more years.”             

     Ann M. Edwards, Owner  
    A-Z Team Title, LLC 


    "TRGC and Diane Monahan are the best. Diane’s personal attention to detail is unsurpassed, and her suggestions for improved business strategy are always welcomed. We look forward to every time Diane comes to visit."

     Shawn R. Lynch, Esquire
    Brown, Kerdock & Lynch, P.C. 


    “I wanted to write to you to thank you for all of the effort you put into this matter. When I first had the phone call from my friend indicating that another title company had declined writing the policy on this matter and asking if I could help, I immediately thought of you over our other underwriter. The reason for that is the other guys are all tied up in corporate decision making which has to go to Florida and decisions are made by people who don’t know me, my client, or the area.

    When I deal with you I know that I am getting prompt, professional, and personal service. You and I talk things through to make sure we are all on the same page and then you go to work, and in this particular matter because the process was unfamiliar to either of us, you reached out to your people in Florida and Arizona who had familiarity.

    Once you decided to go with the deal, you then stepped up and helped Dee through the commitment process, even though you were on vacation.

    I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate all of your effort, and I am happy that we made the move to TRGC.”

     J. Edmund Mullin, Esquire
    Security Abstract of PA, Inc.