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  • Video Continuing Education

    The below videos and continuing education credits are only offered to active agents of Title Resources. 


    1. Watch one of the available videos using the link on the left of the below table
    2. Take the quiz and submit your credit request using the link on the right of the below table

    Available Videos - View All Videos

    Course Materials

    Quiz and Request CE Credit Form - Texas only


    New Texas Statutory Power of Attorney & Limitations on Use





    Encroachment Issues Affecting Lender & Owner's Policies





    The Nonmaterial Correction Affidavit & Its Expanded Use





    Ethics for the Escrow Officer 




    Commercial Transactions - From Contract to Policy (Coming Soon!) 


    Where in the Estates Code are our Title Requirements? (Coming Soon!)


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the requirements to earn continuing education credit?


    To Receive credit for attending the video course you must:

    • Be a currently licensed Texas escrow officer for one of our active policy issuing agents
    • Or Be an attorney or paralegal working for or with one of our active policy issuing agents
    • View the Course for a minimum of 60 minutes
    • Score a 70% or higher on the quiz
    • Submit your quiz answers and information through our online form 

    When will I get my certificate?

    • Certificates are delivered by email within 7-10 days. If you need your certificate sooner to meet your renewal deadline, contact us so that we can make arrangements. Someone has to review your information and create the certificate, so this process is only available during our regular office hours. 

    I'm an attorney, can I earn continuing legal education for the video?

    • YES! You will submit your quiz answers and information just like the escrow officers. A new field has been added for your Bar card number.

    Can I watch the videos without requesting credit?

    • Yes, you can watch the videos without submitting the request for credit form. 

    Can we watch the video as a group?

    • If you coordinate with us before viewing the course, group attendance can be accepted. Email to make arrangements.

    What if I don't pass the quiz?

    • If you do not score a 70% on the quiz, you can watch the video again and retake the quiz. 

    Will more courses become available?

    • Yes, we will be expanding our video courses to offer a wide selection of past webinars that will help you meet the continuing education requirements to renew your license.