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  • Role of Title Insurance

  • At any real estate closing, the parties involved must be assured that the title of the subject real property is as represented and expected. Members of the land title assurance industry are instrumental in helping to deliver and guarantee this assurance. The industry is composed of abstractors, title insurance agents (and their equivalent, direct operations) and title insurers. Title Resources Guaranty Company is a title insurer.

    In addition to issuing policies of title insurance, the industry facilitates real estate transactions by:

     Providing preliminary title information to lawyers, lenders, real estate brokers and agents as loans, leases and sales are being negotiated
     Acting as an escrow agent to receive and hold earnest money
     Collecting and disbursing loans and sales proceeds
     Reviewing and recording the documents necessary to create the loan or transfer the property being insured

     Performing various related functions such as:

    • collection and proration of homeowner association dues, taxes, rents, etc.
    • assembly and checking of all documents required by the lender to create "the loan package" being sold to an investor
    • the reporting of mandated tax information to the IRS


    In many ways, the title insurance industry acts as both the central clearing point and the quality controller for the attorneys, brokers, agents, lenders, investors, buyers and sellers in real estate transactions.

    Note: Thanks to the American Land Title Association for these concepts.